I år 8 arbetar vi just nu med temat #ourfuturejobs. Vi startade en lektion före påsklovet och kommer fortsätta två lektioner v 16. Vecka 17 och 18 har mina elever PRAO därefter kommer vi göra färdigt temat.

Beräknad tid: 8 lektioner a´60 minuter.

Fokus: Muntlig och skriftlig interaktion, kring våra framtida jobb. Skriva ett formellt brev för jobbansökan. Skapa en Videologg (VLogg) muntlig framställan.

Temat är indelat i tre olika delar: 1. Dream job or job for a living  2. Create our future jobs

3. Writing and speaking. A Cover letter and a Vlog.

Om ni vill använda upplägget har jag här skapat en Padlet där era elever också kan skriva. Det vore kul om de publicerade sina ideér kring sina framtidsjobb där. När eleverna är klara med del 2 så be dem skriva om jobben här: https://padlet.com/sarasv74/ourfuturejobs

I denna blogg har jag bara med de stora dragen. Vi jobbar även med till exempel ordkunskap och grammatik, men det är insprängt i temat. När jag ser att eleverna inte kan skriva om framtiden så tar vi upp och pratar om det. Det blir även självklart för eleverna att de behöver ord som är specifika för att kunna prata och skriva om olika framtidsjobb och vi lär oss de ord som behövs.

Låna upplägget om ni vill, gör om det så det passar er.  Del 3 publiceras när jag har börjat med det. Man vet aldrig var ett tema tar vägen och jag följer gärna elevernas ideér. Därför kan bli något annat än en Vlog beroende på deras tankar. Vi får se. Muntlig framställan är det vi ska göra, men exakt hur det blir vet jag inte ännu. To be continued.

Part 1

Dream job or job for a living? 

This task is inspired by Read English. You can find more via their Youtube channel.We will watch the video above and while you are listening I want you to fill out the form below.
Match the name with the correct job and also note if it is his/her dream job or not?
1. Game!
You work in groups of four. On one desk you put the cards you get upside down.
One student picks a card and tries to explain what you do when you work with the job you see on your card. You are not allowed to say the word, instead, you need to describe what the person is doing. The other members of the group try to guess which occupation it is. The student that first knows the correct answer will the get the card. When there are no more cards on the desk, you count the cards. The student with most cards has won the game. (Teachers: Print the cards/pictures from this page: ESL Printables )2. Discussion!
Continue working in your groups. Take notes and be able to tell the rest of the class what you have talked about.
Discuss the questions below:
– At what age do people usually begin to work in your country? At what age do they retire?
-Do you think it is more important to make a lot of money or to enjoy your job?
-What are some prestigious occupations in your opinion?
-What makes people work? (Why do we work?)
– What is your dream job and why? 
Part 2 

Do you know Cameron Diaz? She is a famous actress and 2015 she was interviewed by the HUMAN in Canada.  She spoke about what her acting profession means to her:

What do you think?
Cameron says that you have to be motivated by something. What motivates you? Is it important to be famous? Why? What would you like to work with when you grow up? What do you need to do to reach your goals?

The jobs we’ll lose to machines — and the ones we won’t |
A Ted Talk by Anthony Goldbloom:

What kind of jobs do you think we will work with in the future?
Work in pairs and use your imagination.
Create jobs that you think we will work with 2057.

I want you to write a description of the future jobs, but I also want you to be able to talk about it. Motivate why you think this would be your future job and explain why. Create pictures and add if you want to.

When we meet each other again after your work experience,  you will learn how to write a cover letter. You are going to apply for one of the future jobs we created in class.  You will need to write a formal cover letter, but also create something that draws attention to you. Why should just YOU be employed?
Create a Vlog where you talk about yourself and show the employer why you are the best person to hire!

Part 3 

How to write a cover letter

Del 3 publiceras senare.




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